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Why Maximiz

Maximize your systems, minimize your costs

Acting as a true right hand to your organization’s technology manager, Maximiz takes over the acquisition, implementation, management and support of telecommunications, computer equipment (server and terminals) as well as local, network or virtual applications.

Maximiz enables the increase of the return on investment (ROI) of your technological solutions by offering long-term solutions that are perfectly adapted to your business needs and designed with your team in mind.

Maximiz allows you to forget about technology and dedicate 100% of your efforts to reaching your business objectives. In other words, we handle your tech needs while you focus on business development!



Our mission here at Maximiz is to assist organizations in optimizing and simplifying the acquisition, management and use of technologies, with the aim of maximizing the return on investment while ensuring the smooth running of their operations and business.


Maximiz is a Quebec leader in the deployment of consolidated technologies, including the acquisition, implementation, management and support of technologies integrating both fibre-optic, virtual or physical servers, workstations and personal devices (in BYOD mode) as well as locally or virtually (Cloud) accessible application services.


Solutions should not be short-lived! That is why we draw on highly qualified expertise, we establish a reliable diagnostic, clear objectives and sustainable solutions; focusing on the longest-term possible and monitoring plans enabling us to ensure the best performance (technical and financial) of your technology and operations.


By listening to your specific needs, Maximiz recommends solutions that take into account the reality and, most of all, the specific business needs of your organization.


Trust is earned! Since our goal is to nurture a genuine relationship of trust with our clients, we offer a totally transparent approach and implementation of our know-how.


Since we love challenges and we constantly strive to take them on with more creativity and we always go further than the rest! By combining technologies, applications, tools and methodologies and/or by developing them for you, we create YOUR solution!

We are looking for people in the field who have a passion for training.

  • You are ready for new challenges?
  • You demonstrate imagination and innovation?
  • You are drawn to collaboration and exchange with specialists?
  • You are professional?
  • You enjoy a certain autonomy in your work?
  • You would like to adhere to a high standard of work quality?
  • You would like to participate in the development of a healthy and pleasant company culture?
  • You hold a MCSE certification?
  • You would like to maintain your MCSE certification up-to-date?
  • You have a MCT certification (or equivalent experience)?
  • You have 4 years relevant experience in IT?

If you responded yes to all these questions and if this type of mandate and/or work interests you, email us your CV to:

Only the candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Maximize your IT Team

We fully understand the challenges that companies face in this day and age. When it comes to technological and economic growth, we accompany you throughout your progression.

To do so, we use the following services:

  • Professional Training: Benefit by the training given by Industry experts who can identify and understand YOUR REALITY.
  • Knowledge Transfer: In a world that is in constant evolution, we are conscious of the importance of know-how and the transfer of knowledge.
  • One on One-tailored training: Maximiz offers simple and efficient training sessions tailored exclusively for you.
  • Maximiz is your IT training provider: use us as your go to training provider to cover all your needs.