IT Support

Maximiz is:

  • THE REAL RIGHT HAND to the IT manager in your organization.
  • YOUR COLLEAGUE who handles the acquisition, implementation, management and support of your telecommunications, computer equipment (servers and workstations) and local, network or virtual applications.
  • YOUR PARTNER who is able to increase the return on investment (ROI) of your technological solutions by offering long-term solutions that are perfectly adapted to your business needs and designed with your team in mind.
  • YOUR ALLY allowing you to forget about technology and dedicate 100% of your efforts in reaching your business objectives.

In other words, we handle your tech needs while you focus on business development!

Maximiz provides you with peace of mind while
increasing the return on investment (ROI) of your technologies.

In addition, the implemented solutions will meet your business objectives without tying you to a particular supplier, leaving you with complete autonomy to allow your technological environment to progress the way you choose.

IT Strategic Plan Included

Gain access to a multidisciplinary team whose mission is to meet the technological needs required to ensure the smooth running of your operations.

We become your IT team; we prepare for the future of your technologies by taking into account your reality, your needs and your long-term vision. Additionally if migrations, deployments or other related projects are required to complet an upcoming plan. Utilization of our preferred hourly rate to complete these tasks will assure your plan is launched on time with the least amount of costs as this is our territory.

The plan includes the following features:

  • Equipment upgrades if necessary
  • An inventory of equipment and applications in place
  • Removal of non-required equipment and applications
  • Optimization of the use of technological infrastructures
  • Maximization of the stability, reliability and availability of the technological environment
  • Increase in the profitability of your technological investments (ROI)
  • Standardization of technologies and protocols

Strong Value-Added Technical Support Service

Maximiz offers a fixed rate technical support service. Regardless of the time required to stabilize and standardize your operations, your monthly rate will not change.

This service is provided on an annual basis and covers essential operations:

  •   Maintenance of terminals and servers
  •   Preparation and definition of the list of applications to maintain
  •   Update of the operating system (OS)
  •   Reinstallation of work stations following an outage and reinstallation of applications
  •   Implementation of our quick recovery solution for critical remote stations
  •   PC licenses for Office, Windows and antivirus software are included when your Exchange email is hosted with us.
  •   Only the disk space, backup copy options and bandwidth are extra and invoiced separately.
  •   Support by phone or email and calls are returned in within 4 hours

We are confident in our ability to improve your IT infrastructure!

We know that we are investing a lot of time in the upgrade, clean-up, inventory and preparation of your strategic plan and we commit or promise to do so without increasing the monthly rate we have committed or promised to you.

Our commitment or promise is the following: We will always be here to support you. Even though through the effective implementation of the strategic plan which has reduced the number of support calls you are making, you will have an unparalleled level of satisfaction knowing we are backing you up or standing with you or partnering with you.

Discover the advantages of the Maximiz Toolkit

Performance, availability, efficiency, this package is an invaluable asset

Discover the Maximiz Toolkit

Consolidated Technologies

Dedicated access to our servers by a private fibre-optic link

Private Link

Québec-Cloud has developed special agreements with fibre-optic providers. We are among the rare suppliers who can connect your offices and provide you with a dedicated access to our servers by a private fibre-optic link, without having to go through the Internet.

We can also use this powerful private link to provide you with Internet access at a very competitive rate! To get an idea of rates, we simply need the physical start and end addresses as well as the desired bandwidth.

IP Telephony

And, since you are thinking about fibre-optic, why not use it to convert your existing telephone system to a voice over IP solution? A winning and highly functional solution that enables you to improve productivity while significantly reducing costs!

In the telecommunications and office automation industry, consolidated communications are defined as a set of new services, aimed at professionals, which integrate the following elements:

  • Interpersonal means of communication in real time, such as fixed and mobile telephony, videotelephony, audio/video conference bridges.
  • Collaborative work tools (such as instant messaging, presence, Web conferencing, document management and sharing systems).
  • Computer environment, namely the office automation tools, email, calendars, word processing or presentation viewing software.
  • The consolidated communications services can be integrated within the company’s applications, internal process management (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software packages or the back office.

In general, the user can carry out the following operations from his/her desktop or laptop:

  • Manage his/her contacts and agenda
  • Communicate by email
  • Learn a colleague’s status (online, on the phone, in a meeting, etc.)
  • Initiate voice or video communication either directly on a PC (click-to mode) or from a phone with a certain level of pairing with the PC (telephony on the workstation, multimedia services on the PC).
  • Send a text message to a counterpart depending on availability
  • Quickly transfer a document in a safe manner
  • Manage your availability from a single phone number: the Web portal enables you to modify the routing and presentation rules of calls. For example, from 9h00am to 5:30pm, have my fixed phone ring, and after three rings, have my mobile phone ring; from 5:30 to 9:00pm, redirect selected specific phone numbers to my home or mobile phone.
  • Plan meetings, check the availability of guests, monitor the responses to invites; Facilitate and participate in a voice or videoconference; Publish and modify a document in real time.
  • Checking of voice messages, email and faxes received

In general, consolidated communications products aim to improve the productivity your employees by allowing and/or rendering more effective the control, management, integration and daily use of several means of communication.

For example:

  • Calling with a simple click of a mouse from one’s contact list
  • Enabling the quick exchange of information within the same building or remotely, (e.g.: to speed up a meeting)
  • Remotely transferring a document more efficiently (e.g.: a more efficient alternative to sending an attachment by email)
  • Remotely participating in a meeting, training or product presentation
  • Limiting unnecessary travel by utilizing a virtuel meeting room, eliminating the necessity to use a special conference room with expensive video equipment

Certain services, namely those of certain telecommunications providers, support consolidated communications not only among employees of the same company but also in B to B mode, that is among various companies working within a network, in dispersed teams.