Allows for an inventory of the technology and software present on your devices

Powerful antivirus protection

Essential for the proper functioning and efficiency of your company

Remote control tool

Allows for quick remote updates and installations

Monitoring tool

Allows for the quick detection of a malfunction on a workstation


Performance, availability, efficiency, this package is an invaluable asset

To ensure the performance, availability and efficiency of your workstations, this kit is included in all packages. It enables you to avoid interruptions, decrease downtime and reduce overall support costs. A unique and invaluable asset!

Your Maximiz Toolkit includes:

  • Installation of a powerful antivirus software
  • Management of upgrades
  • Handling of mobile devices
  • Management and protection of company data on mobile devices, software and your computer
  • Automated and constant monitoring of workstations in order to avoid interruptions
  • Installation of a remote control support tool (technical support)
  • A significant reduction in the time required to install a software
  • A decrease in the support and installation costs of software