Data Security

These days, every company must protect its network with security devices that not only act as a firewall, but also scan all traffic from the Internet and intercept threats before they even enter the network.

Solutions based on your company’s risk tolerance

What is your company’s risk tolerance in terms of cybersecurity? What would be the consequences for your company of a data theft, a cyber attack, an act of espionage or a ransomware with data encryption?

The Maximiz team explores with you all potential situations and proposes IT security solutions that match your risk tolerance and your business needs.

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-spam
  • Firewall
  • Local and cloud backup
  • Security breach research on the dark Web
  • Team Training on Cyber Security Awareness

Cyberattack: developing a good contingency plan

If the nature of your company’s activities make it particularly vulnerable to data security issues or should a cyber attack jeopardize its sustainability, Maximiz can help you prevent security breaches and develop a proper contingency plan for your protection.

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