IT Optimization Audit

How is the health of your technology infrastructure? How well do your data backups work? Is some outdated equipment or software compromising your operations?

With IT, preventing is sometimes better than fixing.

IT audit for peace of mind

Our team’s goal is to allow you to pursue your professional activities without worrying about your technologies. The objective of the optimization audit is to prevent unfortunate incidents, but also to analyze your work habits and to propose technological solutions to gain in effectiveness… in all simplicity.

How does IT optimization auditing work?

Our IT experts are true sentinels when given an IT optimization audit assignment. Further to their visit, you will receive a report detailing your IT installations, your computer equipment and your non-compliant software. A list of recommendations by priority over a 12-month period will also be sent to you and explained.

Here are some of the points covered by the IT optimization audit

  • Verification of backup effectiveness
  • Verification of operating systems, software and updates
  • Analysis of the data protection solution
  • Inspection of licenses legality
  • Verification of equipment warranty expiration
  • Inventory of computer equipment and health assessment
  • Inspection of the server room: air conditioning, sprinklers, security
  • Audit of all workstations: security, unwanted software, solicited web services, etc.

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