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Maximiz and its partners develop innovative, user-friendly technology solutions that meet the needs of today’s businesses. Our goal is to put our IT expertise to work for the productivity, performance and success of local businesses. Continuing Education Management Platform

A company’s workforce is its most important resource. For companies with hundreds of employees performing widely varying tasks, managing skills and continuous training can be a heavy burden. With the training management platform, structuring your training, delivering content, testing your employees’ knowledge and tracking their learning progress has never been easier.

For each employee, Istya provides you with :

  • Progress tracking
  • Time spent in the various training courses
  • Successful completion of prerequisites
  • Content viewed
  • Successful quizzes
  • Failures
  • Assignments handed in

And much more.

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Are you an operations, IT or human resources manager? Does your company have to manage the schedules and work shifts of hundreds of employees every day? Do you work in one of the following industries?

  • Hospitality
  • Restaurant
  • Retail industry
  • Manufacturing sector

The Planifico scheduling platform can greatly streamline the organization of work schedules. Statistics prove that Planifico delivers:

  • An average of 10 hours of management time saved per week
  • A 600% return on investment
  • A 35% reduction in absenteeism

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